Future Members of the Family

So, you’re considering joining the family? That’s awesome news! Nothing gets everyone in the office more excited than someone new joining us.

It’s a big deal for you to join a new company and it’s a big deal for us to add someone to the team. The people you work with often become some of your closest friends, so you can’t be too careful when choosing who you want to spend such a large amount of time with. Always be selective when looking for a new workplace. We’re picky too!

We’re a small group, so we all end up wearing many different hats throughout the week, and that’s the way we like it. It allows each of us to use our unique sense of creativity throughout many different pieces of the company. If everyone stayed nestled in their own corners, we’d never change. We need that constant interchange of ideas to keep making us better and better.

When we’re expanding, the number one thing we look for is someone we want to spend our time with. Are they good people? Kind? Hard-working? Creative? We obviously want smarts too, though if someone doesn’t have all the technical skills on day one, that’s all right. It’s a lot easier to teach software than to teach kindness. These are the types of things we’re going to be looking for in new members of the family, and I’d be surprised if these aren’t what you’re looking for in your coworkers as well.

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About Us

Who is this little company you’re considering joining? We do investments and financial planning, and we’ve been doing this for quite some time. We were founded back in 1974 and have grown to manage over $375 million for over 1,000 clients all around the country, though concentrated here in the CSRA. We currently have 9 people on the team (10 if we count you!), and two more advisors are joining us over the next year. We’re growing fast and don't plan on slowing down!

Open Position

This new position we’re looking to fill right now is a Client Service and Data Specialist. Fancy title, right? We thought so too. But what exactly does this look like? Well, we're glad you asked.

Like we mentioned before, we wear many different hats so the day to day work will certainly vary, but these are some of the core functions of your position:

  • RMDs  –  Every year people with certain types of retirement accounts are required by the government to take certain distributions. The calculations behind these can be tricky and we need someone who can own this process and make sure everyone who needs these is taken care of.
  • Trading  –  Every day we’re placing trades on quite a few (if not a hundred or two) accounts. We have a Trading Manager that runs this, but when she’s not available to trade, we want you to run our trading in her stead.
  • Client Service  –  Each day we speak with numerous clients and help them with everything from opening entire new accounts to simply understanding what their statement means. We have others who do this full time, but you’ll help out with this process too.
  • Balancing  –  We have thousands of accounts and these all need to be balanced between our systems each month. While we have a good system in place, these need to be closely monitored and there are always accounts that need tweaking.
  • Additional Roles  –  We expect the position will also include activities like maintaining client service databases, running reports, tracking transactions, processing client paperwork, managing client accounts in our online systems and all sorts of other things that will come up. As we mentioned, we’re a small group with a lot going on. If there are some other types of work you show promise in and find interesting, there’s a good chance there’s an opportunity for you to help there too!



So now you’ve read what the position entails and you know you’re the perfect fit. What’s in it for you? Here are a few of the benefits this position has to offer:

  • Salary in the low to mid $40's
  • Paid holiday, vacation, and sick days
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance
  • 401(k) with company matching
  • Hours from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., M-F
  • 1-hour lunch breaks
  • Convenient location just off of I-20


How to Apply

You can do that right here! We've got just a few questions to help us get to know you. Then, you'll upload your resume and any other files you'd like for us to see right below that.


Richard Young Associates Application

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