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MoneyMD is a weekly podcast hosted by our very own Money Doctors (a.k.a. our Richard Young Associates advisors).  Each week they discuss a variety of money-related topics.  You’ll hear about everything from budget planning to tax tips to money-saving shopping ideas.  We love to hear from our listeners, so please contact us with your comments or questions at  You never know, your question may be answered on next week’s show!

A new episode of MoneyMD is available each Friday morning at 9:00 via the link to your platform below.  If you subscribe to us on iTunes or Google Play, the latest episode will download automatically.  “Like” us on Facebook, and you’ll receive a valuable financial tip along with our podcast each week!  

For Listeners of the Show

We're excited to announce our new Video Library where the Money Doctors give out advice on all sorts of questions we frequently hear from our clients. You can check out all the new content right here!

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